Valentine's Day Gift?

Yesterday was Valentines Day! Most people got roses and chocolates, but why not get them something that will last longer and help them in the long run? Get them the gift of Sketch16! It’s live on Kickstarter! Make an impression that lasts by helping your loved ones learn and practice.

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Week One Update!

Sketch16 is just under 20% of the way funded! Just wanted to start off by thanking my backers first and foremost! I am very excited that you all are interested in Sketch16!

Second, I am continuing to push hard on Instagram and other social media sites (#Sketch16) to make sure I can meet my goal and get you all your Sketch16. With that being said, feel free to share Sketch16 with friends and family! It makes for an excellent Summer practicing and learning tool while people are out of school.

Third, I've been working closely with Aoko Studio in Chicago to get some of my covers made! They're a great studio and the products look great!

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Kickstarter Launch of Sketch16!

Today is the day!!! Sketch16 will be going live soon! Be sure to check out my Instagram for updates on the event, I'll be sharing as much as I can in between talking to people! Also be sure to check here or in my Instagram bio for the Kickstarter link if you want to check out the page and/or back it! I'm so excited about the next coming month and appreciate all of you for the support you've offered!

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Preparations for Marketing and Sending Sketch16 for Approval

Today we are sending out all of our Kickstarter projects to get approval from Kickstarter themselves. We are also planning and getting everything today for our marketing campaigns and I'm really excited about all the outreach I'll get to do. So if you're still on the fritz about backing, head on over to my Social Page and check out the newest updates! Also, feel free to reach out to me if you're in the Chicagoland/Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area and you'd like to try out Sketch16! I'd love to have a drawing sesh!

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The Last Stages of Preparation!

I don't know about you all, but I am so ready to set things into motion! I got so anxious today that I started planning my booth at out class-wide Kickstarter Launch event on February 1st, and I went to Blick Art Materials and purchased an abundance of papers and drawing utensils! If you're interested in coming out, you can reserve your tickets here:

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Countdown to Launch

In the coming weeks, I will be finalizing my Kickstarter page and getting everything set up and ready to be launched! I can't wait to get approval from Kickstarter and begin seeing how many people support the project! I'm so excited to get things rolling!

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Happy Holidays from Sketch16!

Even though I headed home for the holidays, I am constantly working on Sketch16. I am getting more excited about this Kickstarter launch every single day! Feel free to share your favorite holiday sketches with me on Instagram by using the hashtag #Sketch16 ! You guys are the best, have a great holiday season!

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Celebrity Sketch16!

Big news everyone, I've recently been in talks with famous Instagram sketch artists that would like to endorse Sketch16! I look forward to continuing these talks and seeing if we can make this happen! Look out for future blog posts that will let you know how to see these sketch artists and the work that they are doing with Sketch16! Also, if you're interested in Sketch16, shoot me a message in the Contact Page and let me know where you're from and what you're most looking forward t; I'd love to hear from you!

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Ever-Developing Sketch16

This week on Sketch16! Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce that the launch date is approaching quickly! Next month Sketch16 will be debuting on Kickstarter and you will be able to back the project to get your very own Sketch16. Don't worry, I've been working hard to work out how everything will be handled and how to get you guys the absolute best product. I am excited to see how this campaign goes!

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Developing Out My Kickstarter Page

Hey Sketch16 fans! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break. I am excited to announce that Sketch16 will be launching on Kickstarter on February 1st, 2018! This is conveniently one day before my birthday, so do me a huge birthday favor and check it out! I will have a variety of reward levels available to suit all of your needs, and I am always open to communication should you have any questions! Here is the current option that I have decided on for Sketch16's cover photo:

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A Conversation with Hector Silva

I had the honor and pleasure to sit down with a former mentor and UIC professor, Hector Silva, for lunch and pitched out my Sketch16 project to him. Hector even threw down some quick sketches for me and tested it out. Nothing but kind words and encouragement from him as he believes that it will help people that want to be looser with their sketching and take off some of the pressure of having perfect sketches. Check out more of Hector's work and his organization's, Advanced Design Sketching's, work for more inspiration!

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Testing Sketch16 at UIC

In order to get a better understanding of how people used Sketch16 and what they liked/disliked about it, I had Industrial Design students at the University of Illinois at Chicago throw down some sketches in it. I let them decide which page they wanted to try and I gave them a pencil case loaded with different utensils just to see what they would use. The results and feedback that I received was great! Here are some of the sketches that came from this:

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Sketch16 Debut!

Hey everyone! I debuted Sketch16 on Instagram (@LNDNMNdesign and on the Social Page) for the first time this morning! Thanks for showing interest in the project and be sure to check back here often for updates on the Kickstarter campaign and to check out some cool sketches that people are throwing down!

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Developing a Prototype

I decided to focus my project on differentiation of media and the use of different sketching tools and sketching styles to portray an idea on any type of paper. This led me to buy and cut HUNDREDS of sheets of paper and bind them into one book. I have decided on a 112 sheet/page book that will encourage people to sketch daily. With that concept in mind, I am naming my product Sketch16. It is a sixteen week sketching challenge, the average length of a college semester, that is meant to spice up the sketching life of early professionals and students and encourage experimentation. Here is the prototype in comparison to my Strathmore sketchbook.

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The Change of Direction

After meeting with several manufacturers and negotiating pricing back and forth, I decided that I could not release my product at a price that was reasonable for my customers. Therefore I was back to the drawing boards trying to decide where it was that I wanted to be. Ironically, I found myself in the drawing market. Moving forward from this point, the market that I will be reaching out to is the daily sketcher that wants to further develop their drawing skills and media experientation.

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Takeaways from meeting with my manufacturer

In meeting with my manufacturer, I learned a lot about sheet steel that I had not previously considered. These things included set up cost, machine switch overs, pricing for welds, and more. I found out that by removing all but two of my top flanges, I was able to save almost 25% of my manufacturing costs! These will be major things for me to consider moving forward.

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Playing Games

I figured, "hey, if I'm going to make something for drinking games, I should probably play some drinking games for Halloween." So that's exactly what we did! I broke out my latest prototype, and invited some of my closest friends (in Halloween costume of course) to play some games with me in order to test my prototype and see what I liked and didn't like.

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Form Studies and Manufacturer Prep

In preparation to meet with potential manufacturers, I started to develop a potential final form for my product. This required me to settle upon things such as: what do I want the product to do; what features does it absolutely have to have; how can I get it to be as cheap as possible, but still have a high perceived value; and what areas can I sacrifice to make that happen? After acknowledging all of this, I was able to develop a prototype that I was proud of.

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