b. 1986, HK.


Kyle Lindenman is an Industrial Designer from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Always intrigued by manufacturing and engineering, Lindenman dove into the field of design to try to better improve the user experience within a product. Lindenman’s favorite aspect of product design is improving a products ability to be interacted with, and he enjoys working on the tactility of things through form, material, and finish. With a love for a simplified experience, Lindenman tends to use simplistic geometry and hands-on learning and experimentation to determine the success of a product. Kyle is currently available for inquiries about internships and/or employment opportunities.

Print copies of my resume and portfolio available upon request.

Previous Design Experience :

Wahl Clipper Corporation
International Housewares Association
2016 - 2017 Vice President of UIC IDSA
2016 - 2017 UIC IDSA Lock-In Competition Winner
2012 AIA Northern Illinois Architecture Competition Winner