b. 1986, HK.


Kyle Lindenman is an Industrial Designer at Fuseneo, where packaging solutions are created to fit the needs of any client across a range of manufacturing methods. Lindenman has worked primarily with CPG for clients such as Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Starbucks, Disney, Kellogg, Clif Bar, Airhead, and more.

As a graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Always intrigued by manufacturing and engineering, Lindenman dove into the field of design to try to better improve the user experience within a product. Lindenman’s favorite aspect of product design is improving its ability to be interacted with, and he enjoys working on the tactility of things through form, material, and finish. With a love for a simplified experience, Lindenman tends to use simplistic geometry and hands-on learning and experimentation to determine the success of a product.

Print copies of my resume and portfolio available upon request.

Previous Design Experience :

Wahl Clipper Corporation
International Housewares Association
2016 - 2017 Vice President of UIC IDSA
2016 - 2017 UIC IDSA Lock-In Competition Winner
2012 AIA Northern Illinois Architecture Competition Winner